Baird Group Mystery Shoppers

Shopper Testimonials

Baird Group's mission is to help our healthcare clients fulfill their missions. We do this by helping clients understand and optimize customers' experiences.

Our mystery shoppers offer invaluable insights into the patient experience and help shed light on healthcare organizations' strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Congratulations to Barbara M. from New York who was chosen as our September 2019 shopper of the month!  Barbara's strong writing and dependability has not gone unnoticed by the Baird Group team. Barbara is receiving a $20 Amazon gift card and certificate of our appreciation. Congratulations!

"Thank you for your interest in mystery shopping with the Baird Group. We are committed to improving healthcare. As a mystery shopper, we rely on you to be the eyes and ears of patients everywhere. Your keen observations and thorough documentation is the first step in helping hospitals and clinics to improve. Together we can make healthcare better for patients and the people who serve them."
Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA, President/CEO of Baird Group

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy working with you and the Editors!

Everyone is so kind and upbeat and that is such a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be so rushed and rude!  Thank you, is what I am getting at!" 

Baird Shopper since January 2015

Beaumont, Texas

"The Baird Group is a well-run organization that allows me to make a little extra money. The people at Baird were friendly and helpful and paid exactly on time. [Working here also] gives me an opportunity to work on my discussion and writing skills. The feedback I get is always helpful." 

Baird Shopper since May 2014

Hermitage, Tennessee

"As a contract teacher, I was looking for other opportunities to earn money. I was impressed with the quality of the initial [certification process] and the professionalism of how this company is run.

I joined another mystery shopping company at the same time and soon left that company because of their lack of professionalism.

I like the flexibility of the calls and that I have enough time to fill out and complete the reports. I feel like I can provide good insight and fairly evaluate how an office should care for its patients.

I have told several friends about my positive experience with Baird Group. It is a great opportunity to earn extra income that doesn't take a lot of time." 

Baird Shopper since May 2014

Perry Hall, Maryland

"My experience working with this company has been nothing but incredibly positive and I'm happy to be on the team."

Baird Shopper since March 2013 

York Haven, Pennsylvania

"Originally, I liked the idea of working very part-time at a job that I could choose the days I worked, and Baird Group offered really decent pay for this.  Honestly, the thing I like best about working for Baird Group is being appreciated for the work I do.  My favorite thing about the work I do for Baird Group is having a voice in helping organizations improve customer service.  Customer service is probably the most vital component in any workplace, and I believe that it is sometimes overly neglected.  I really enjoy helping to make customer experiences more tolerable.  I have actually shared my experience with Baird Group with several friends.  I have recommended that they check out the possibility of becoming a mystery shopper.  I think it's a great way to make some extra money for people who need flexibility in the workplace.  In this case especially, I think it's great that the workplace is in my own home." 

Baird Shopper since July 2014

Weatherford, Texas

"I genuinely enjoy being a secret shopper and 'going behind the scenes' to see the potential areas of improvement [to the patient experience]. The staff is very responsive and they respond to all inquiries in a timely and effective manner.  I also like that your work is appreciated and that the staff makes sure to let you know that.  I like knowing that the input I provide through my work for Baird Group will assist in improving the medical care and experience future patients will receive.  It is also very fun being able to visit different medical facilities and perform your secret shop.  You are always on a fun hunt and each visit will lead to a different experience!" 

Baird Shopper since July 2013

Miami, Florida

"I have been a Baird Group Shopper for a little over a year.  I have completed numerous shops and love working for this group.  I shop for several different companies but Baird Group is by far my favorite.  I love the flexibility of choosing the shops that work for my schedule.  I love the variety of the different shops.   I can work as little or as much as I want." 

Baird Shopper since February 2014

Abingdon, Maryland

"When I do these shops, it gives me hope that the clients really care about patient comfort and satisfation. Sure, it's smart of them from a business standpoint because it aids in patient retention, but the impact goes far beyond that. Nothing impacts us like being sick, vulnerable, and having someone treat you with indifference, or worse! I'm so glad there are companies like yours directly impacting the quality of care. It's important!" 

Baird Shopper since July 2017

Columbus, Ohio

2019 Shopper of the Year

"I did a patient-visit shop for Baird a couple of months ago where I had a mammogram at a hospital near me. I had been negligent in having mammograms for the last few years and this looked like a great way to catch up and to make a little money at the same time. They called me back after the results of the mammogram to have a redo, and then to have a biopsy. It turns out that I did have cancer. It was DCIS which is a slow moving cancer and it was in a small area. However, it had started to move. I have since had a lumpectomy and will start radiation in a few weeks.


Here's the point. BAIRD LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE. Thank you for all of your support. I have so enjoyed working with you." 

Baird Shopper since October 2012

Baltimore, Maryland

A shopper's heart-warming story

"No act of kindess, no matter how small, is ever wasted" 

That awkward moment when your daughter overhears your medical mystery phone shop...

"I do have a funny story to tell about one of the shops. My teenage daughter walked in one day while I was doing a phone shop about needing breast reconstructive surgery.  When I hung up the phone she said, 'Mom that was just creepy.'  We had a good laugh.


Thanks for letting me be a part of this company.  As your schedulers know, I am doing all of the shops to help pay for my daughter's senior trip to Europe.  Thanks to all of the great assignments we have almost 75% of the cost of the trip saved.  Thanks again!"

Baird Shopper since February 2014

Abingdon, Maryland

"No act of kindess, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

That awkward moment when your daughter overhears your medical mystery phone shop...

As a shopper, you are helping an organization:

•  See themselves through the patient’s eyes

•  Learn how they can improve

•  Identify their star performers

•  Understand how the patient encounter made them feel about the organization

•  Better understand satisfaction survey scores


Your feedback improves healthcare!

Shopper of the Month

Congratulations to Mary S. of NY for being chosen as our 2019 Shopper of the Year! Mary received a certificate of appreciation and an Amazon gift card valued at $100. Thank you, and keep up the good work, Mary!

Shopper News, Stories, and Thanks

"When I came across the Baird Group on another mystery shop website, I was quickly drawn to it by the details that were listed. I have always been interested in Medical Mystery Shopping. I immediately filled out the [registration form], and was on my way to working with them. The things I like best about working for Baird Group are the variety of shops, and the communication with the schedulers, evaluators, and Baird team. They are always easy to reach, and very patient and understanding. My favorite thing about the work I do for Baird Group is to be able to voice my unbiased opinion from a patient standpoint; knowing that something may be changed from my input and observations. If I were telling my best friend about my experience with Baird Group, I would say I love the challenges of every phone and on-site shop."

Baird Shopper since January 2015

Washington D.C.