Baird Group Medical Mystery Phone Shops

Shop Payment Fee

$8 for each completed phone shop

Phone Certification

Complete the Baird Group Phone Certification to understand the ins and outs of

Baird Shopping.

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Why are shoppers required to become Baird Group Phone Certified before they can start shopping?

Baird Group provides this certification so that you are clear on our unique guidelines in order to be successful from day one. The certification is designed to help you understand the basics of how to utilize our survey tool, the expectations that we have, and how to communicate with us effectively to ensure that you have a positive experience and provide a great deliverable.

How long does the Baird Group Phone Certification take?

The certification video and quiz should only take about 30 minutes to complete.

How do I take the Phone Certification?

After registering with us, you will be notified via email whether or not you have been assigned the Phone Certification, based on upcoming or current shop availability. To be assigned to a Phone Certification, Baird Group either needs to be recruiting for a project we have coming up in your area, or we need to already have a project running in your area. If there are no current or upcoming projects in your area at the time of your registration, we will hold off on assigning you to the Phone Certification until a new project that you are eligible for is about to begin. Once you are assigned the Phone Certification, you will receive instructions via email on how to complete it. You may also refer to our Guide for Independent Contractors for this information.

Why can only local shoppers perform phone shops? 

At Baird Group, we ask that shoppers live within a 90 mile radius of the facilities we are shopping. This is so that we are able to reflect the local market of our clients' organizations. Throughout the year, we have projects that are located all around the United States. When you're registered in our system, you will be notified via email when new shops are available in your area.

Why can'€™t I self-assign myself to shops?

There are several reasons why Baird Group does not allow self-assignment of shops:

•  We want to ensure that local shoppers assess the hospitals and clinics.
•  We want to capture a variety of patient perspectives, making sure that we don't have the same shopper assessing the same location/department repeatedly.
•  Shoppers' ratings and reputations are also considered when assigning shops.

When will I get paid for shops that I do?

Shoppers are paid on the 5th of each month for shops completed* during the previous month. For example, if you perform a shop on November 15, you will be paid on December 5 for that shop. 


*A completed shop has been reviewed twice by our quality assurance team. Please note that shops performed on the last two days of the month are subject to payment on the following pay period.

How will I be paid?

Baird Group pays shoppers through PayPal.  All Baird Shoppers must have a PayPal account.