Baird Group's mission is to help our healthcare clients fulfill their missions. We do this by helping clients understand and optimize customers' experiences.

"People don't always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel."
                                                   Maya Angelou

Phone Call Shops

Mystery shoppers assess phone encounters to multiple locations that are chosen by the client. Through the use of previously determined scenarios, the callers evaluate staff on multiple areas based on a customized survey designed by Baird. The scenarios and survey used may target particular problem areas, such as appointment availability, friendliness of the staff, knowledge, transfer process, or empathy and caring of the attendant.


Shoppers are paid $8 for each completed Phone shop.

Patient Visit Shops

Using real-life situations with a predetermined scenario, mystery shoppers present as patients with symptoms of a non-threatening matter. They provide information about the total patient experience, including interactions with all staff (phone attendants, lab technicians, front-desk staff, nurses, and physicians). Mystery patients also provide narrative information and feelings about the care environment, waiting time, waiting room, and exam rooms. Patient visits can be used in Urgent Care/ER, clinics, and other outpatient areas.


Shoppers are paid $150 for each completed Patient Visit shop

Baird Group is a member of the MSPA and provides services to our clients within a framework of the highest professional standards and ethics. Our shoppers practice principles of honesty, professionalism, fairness, and confidentiality.

Walkthrough Visit Shops

Transforming Culture. Shaping the Patient Experience.

Mystery shoppers pose as visitors to gather general impressions about their experiences, including exterior and interior, way-finding, atmosphere, and employee encounters. Shoppers spend time in public areas observing the environment, staff, and customer interactions.


Shoppers are paid $50 for each completed Walkthrough shop.